Friday, September 21, 2012

Tag Team in Space... Episode 4

Tag Team in Space
And the story continues...

Follow the collaborative tales of Dr. Jerry Waldman and Sgt. Derrick Thomas
An interactive tale by: J. Naomi Ay (The Two Moons of Rehnor) & Ahmad Taylor (Dark Side of the Moon)

Read Chapter 3 by J. Naomi Ay here: Chapter 3 (Jerry)

Chapter 4 (Derrick):

You have got to be kidding me. What the hell is going on this freakin’ planet? I can’t catch a break at all today.

I’m sleep deprived and hung over, and besides being stuck here in this hell-hole for an extra few hours, now I’ve been soaked in this nasty blue liquid and slammed in the crotch by some crazy blue lady. Accident she claims. Ha! It’s like when she started to slip she made a bee line right for my crotch and tackled me right out of the lift. I’ve been through some pretty gnarly fights in my time, but the last person I thought would be able to take me down was some overage Martian grandmother.

Man, I’m losing it. I gotta’ get the hell off this planet.

“Hey, what the hell man? What’d you push all the buttons for? It’s gonna’ take an hour to get to my terminal now!” I screamed at the annoying guy who spilled his blue goo all over everyone and everything.

“Probably a bit longer than that” the geek responded, gesturing with his misshapen head over to the creature in the corner with the even stranger looking head.

“Oh, what the hell man! I hate this freakin’ planet!”

I took a couple deep breathes and tried to calm down but my head was pounding and this stupid thing was staring at me with its three enormous eyes. “What the heck do they call these things?” I questioned the geek.

“Buttons are fun. Look, doors open, doors close. Fun” the creature said, attempting to engage me in a meaningless conversation.

“We don’t have a word for word translation of their language, and there are at least thirty eight known dialects, so we don’t knew exactly what they call themselves, but we just call them big heads.”

Ugh, I was already regretting asking this guy anything. “Sheesh, do all you nerds speak in long, drawn out sentences? It’s like talking to my dad or my sister Jeanie.”

I could see it in his eyes, the words were bubbling up again. I tried a preemptive strike by telling him to shut the hell up, but I was cut off by the lift coming to a sudden halt and slamming me into the wall in the process. 

“Now what” I exclaimed, rubbing the side of my head and checking for any cuts or blood.

As the lights began to flicker and the air conditioning began to sputter on and off I knew this day was only going to get worse...

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