Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Author Interview w/ Allison Merritt: The Sky Pirate's Wife

We're here today with author Allison Merritt. 

She has a new release: The Sky Pirate's Wife and she's here to talk about it with us.

Thanks for stopping by Allison.

Thanks for having me Ahmad.

Where do you currently reside, and why did you choose this place?

I live in the Ozark Mountains. I didn't choose it, I was born here and my husband was born here too, so we're pretty comfortable. Moving away would involve actual moving . . . no thanks! I told him the last time we moved, which was about forty miles, that's it, no more because I moved in and out of different dorms while I was in college and I'm sick of it. Besides, the Ozarks is a great place. We're sandwiched between a tourist town and a real city, so there's plenty of entertainment and good places to eat and shop, three lakes close by, and my favorite: nature.

Tell us about your latest novel in 20 words or less:

An airship captain with a deadly secret. An heiress longing for true love. A legend that could tear them apart.

If you could talk to your former self, what advice would you give her?

Read up on marketing and get over that introvert personality. Marketing is one of the toughest parts of novel writing. I never guessed there was so much to it. And while I'm not afraid to write goofy things on my blog or in an interview, I'm terrified to show that kind of personality offline. I'm never going to successfully sell books unless I overcome that fear.

Words of wisdom, I agree.
What is the last thing you read? Did you like it, hate it?

The last book I read was actually a YA novel called Rush For The Gold by John Feinstein. 
Erm, let's say I wasn't crazy about it. I love YA and I'm usually into sports novels, because I feel really jazzed to exercise after I read one, but in this one, the heroine is competing for a gold medal while her boyfriend investigates a possible scandal her agent is trying to pull off. There wasn't much deep POV, it felt more plot driven than character driven, which is fine if that's your writing style. I would rather have read about the heroine's journey toward Olympic gold and her relationship with her boyfriend. That's the hopeless romantic in me.

Where can readers find your works and follow you?

Well thank you for sharing a bit with our readers Allison. We hope you'll come back soon and update us on your book and your other works.

Thanks for having me and thank you to your readers.


  1. Great interview Ahmad. And this book sounds awesome! An airship? Now thats cool:)