Friday, September 7, 2012

Author Interview with: Monique Morgan writer of: Rise of the Infected

Today we welcome author Monique Morgan, who is currently touring the blogosphere with her sneak peak cover reveal of: Rise of the Infected.

I know you have been quite busy these days Monique, but thank you for stopping by to chat with us for a moment.

Sure thing. I’m happy to get a chance to talk with your readers.

Where do you currently reside, and why did you choose this place?

I currently live in Utah. I lived a large majority of my life here and I have a big family that lives here. My dad was in the Air Force and we spent many years stationed elsewhere, so I appreciate being around them.

O.K. Let’s get people excited… Can you tell us about your novel Rise of the Infected in 20 words or less:

A Dystopian world, ravaged by the planet and the survivors, and finally the Rise of the Infected.

Besides the pure joy of having completed a piece of work, what would you say has been the most exciting part of being a published author?

The most exciting thing is having these stories that I have created become reality. It’s one thing to dream them up, but then to put them on paper and allow others to read them, there’s something everlasting in that.

I most certainly agree with you.

Is there an Author (alive or dead) that you would really like to meet were you given the chance?

My favorite author of all time would have to be Anne Rice, there was always something very beautiful about her work that I found timeless. It would be wonderful to meet her and walk the areas that influenced her books.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

I am. I just finished up Dreamer, the second book in the Alwahi series, which will be due out around the same time as Rise of the Infected.

I also just started (I have a habit of starting my next project in the middle of my current project) a work in progress (WIP) that I have fallen in love with!

This book has yet to be named, but already has a cover, and is based in a technological world where cybernetics and human cloning are only just the beginning.

Sounds like you will be pretty busy for quite some time.

Yes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it, hate it?

The last movie that I saw I absolutely LOVED and it also influenced my current WIP. I adored the city atmosphere of Total Recall, the way the buildings just stacked on top of each other, a hodgepodge stacking of blocks.

Where can readers find your works and follow you?

Readers can visit my website to find out all about my current books and my WIP. They can also like my Facebook page at

Well, we’d like to thank you for stopping by for a quick little chat.

Please come back soon and update us on the success of Rise as well as Dreamer, and any new projects you have on the horizon.

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