Friday, January 4, 2013

Author Interview: Mathew Bridle

Hey Folks. 

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and are off to a great start in this new year!

We're back Live, with author Mathew Bridle. 

Mathew is the author of: The End of Mor.

Thanks for stopping by to talk to us today Mathew. I hope your holidays were good. 

Yes they were Ahmad. Thanks for having me.

My pleasure. Well, let's get to it if you don't mind.

I'm ready if you are.

So tell us Mathew, where do you currently reside, and why did you choose this place?

I Live in West Sussex in the UK near to where I was born.

What inspired you to begin writing?

It's the one thing that I seem to be able to do that I really enjoy doing.

Tell us about your latest novel: The End of Mor, in 20 words or less:

Dark fantasy tale of a young warlock fighting both his inner demons and enemy forces in a land on the brink of war. That's 23, but we'll let you slide...

What has been the most exciting part of being a published author?

Having people you don't know read your work and leave their thoughts; hopefully positive, though sometimes not.

What do you do to prepare for a writing session?

Making the time is more difficult than actually writing.

Does writing get easier with each project?

Yes it does. Some people have given some truly helpful advice, which though simple, has been immensely effective.

What has been the worst part of being a published author?

Some people on the internet believe that it is their given right to be abusive and destructive with their comments. Those kind of people could be damaging if what they wrote was accurate. 
I would tend to agree with you, but that is the fortunate and equally unfortunate reality of our digital age. Everyone has a voice and, EVERYONE has a voice.

What books have influenced your writing? 

I try not to let anyone or thing influence my writing, though some styles of writing probably will. I like books by Steven Donaldson, J.R.R. Tolkien and others like those of Cressida Cowell.

Is there an Author (past or present) that you would really like to meet?

I would like to have sat in on a conversation between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

If you could talk to your former self, what advice would you give him?

Be tidier with your work and spend more time honing it.
Words o' wisdom for sure!

What has been the harshest critique you have ever received concerning your writing?

There are two comments on Amazon about the book that are both inaccurate. One reader slates the book which he did within 2 hours of it going live. The other was sent a proof copy to review but failed to mention in the write up.

As a writer, it is considered unprofessional and inappropriate to give a retort to a critic or criticism. Were it “politically correct” to address your critics personally, what would be the one thing you would say to them?

Just have a go yourself and see if you can produce a flawless novel.
Well put...
Are you currently working on any other projects?

I'm working on the sequel 'Fire and Thorn'

What is the last thing you read? Did you like it, hate it?

I've just finished reading a children's, Mr Stink, which was okay, but not as good as I had hoped. I often read a heavy duty novel then something lighthearted.

What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it, hate it?

That would be Blade Runner: Directors cut, still looking great after all these years.

Where can readers find your works and follow you (links)?

The book is available from: SmashWords Amazon
It will be available at most ebook outlets over the coming weeks as it filters through the system.

My personal site is:
Facebook: FaceBook
Twitter: @mathewbridle
Goodreads: GoodReads

Well thanks for stopping by and chatting with us Mathew. Please feel free to come back and talk with us at anytime.

Thank you Ahmad, to you and your audience. Happy New Year!

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