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Tag Team in Space... Derrick's secret!

The episodic saga continues...

Tag Team in Space by J. Naomi Ay (The Two Moons of Rehnor) and Ahmad Taylor (Dark Side of the Moon) bring you the collaborative adventures of Dr. Jerry Waldman and Sgt. Derrick Thomas.

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Episode 10
Derrick's Secret


I ran passed the head Big Head and up the tube. I could barely see anything in front of me, but I needed to put some distance between Jerry, Fogwat and myself. I stumbled a few times over who knows what, but I was able to guide myself along the electro-magnetic guide rails the lift ran on. The dim glow from Fogwat’s head grew darker and then it was gone. I knew I only had a few moments to myself before they would catch up to me, and I knew that with three eyes, Big Heads had better than average sight, so I had to act fast if I was going to keep my actions a secret.

I dropped to my knees and began groping around in the dark. I felt across the ground, moving my way along the wall of the tube.

“Here we go… Got it” I said under my breath as my hands located what I was searching for. I found the release handle, turned it counter-clockwise and pushed in. The door to emergency access panel slid open and I quickly took a piece of restraining cloth from my bag and adhered it to the underside of the door. As I pulled the door closed and locked the handle I could see the dim illumination from Fogwat’s head growing brighter. I stood up and turned to face my pursuers.

“Hey Derrick, wait up man! Why would you just run off into the dark like that?” Jerry asked, as he approached me. He slumped over trying to catch his breathe.

“You should probably sit down a minute doc, your wounds look like they need some tending to.”

“Phew! You may be right. Thanks man, here you go” the doctor said, extending some sort of medical kit in my direction.

“Uh yeah, I’m good man. You get yourself stitched up there. I mean, you are the doctor aren’t you?” I replied, pushing the kit back at him and rolling my eyes.

What the hell did he expect me to do with that? I was in no mood to do triage, and I was certainly not in the mood for anymore of his sanctimonious speeches about killing those Big Head freaks. I just needed to be polite enough until I could lead them out of this tube and away from the chip I had hidden in the emergency access panel.

Jerry had no idea what the true value of the chip was or what it could really do, because if he did, he would not be trying to help these stupid Martians hand it over to that interstellar terrorist. If he knew what my contact had gone through to smuggle the chip out of that Martian research facility and into my hands so I could get it off this planet and to some place safe. It was supposed to be a simple hand-off in the lift, but then genius spilled that blue goo all over the ground and then everyone was slipping and sliding around. She barely had the chance to pass it on to me as we tumbling outside the lift. I don’t even know if she was even able to make it out of the terminal and to safety, but that was no longer my concern. I had to keep the chip safe until I could figure out a way to get it off this planet and into the hands of the scientists who could put its power to good use.

“Well, thanks for all your help there Derrick. Could you at least give me a hand standing up?” the doctor whined at me, putting his kit back in his bag, and extending his arm in my direction.

I had no idea how long it would take to get us out of this tube, but I hoped my temper would hold long enough. I reached my hand down and yanked Jerry to his feet.

“Fogwat arm feel funny, many tingles” the Big Head said, as we noticed his arm had almost grown all the way back in.

“Alright Fogwat, you got the light. Lead us out of here. But if I see one more of your Martian buddies, and they flash those teeth my way; I can promise that your arm won’t be what I cut off next time. And let’s see how long it takes for your entire head to grow back!”

“Let’s go people and things… We needed the get the heck out of dodge and we need to do it sooner than later” I said, ushering Jerry and Fogwat on.

I made a mental note of the location of the access panel door, and followed them onward.

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