Saturday, March 17, 2012

eNovel Reviews: Rave Review of DSOM

"Derrick Thomas is a government agent who lives in a dystopian, albeit just as crime-ridden, distant future. After awakening from his sleep pod, he receives a cryptic message from his father, who has gone missing, asking for his help.

An adept investigator and forensic expert, Derrick seeks out his father's whereabouts and the meaning of his plea for assistance. Though his investigation is immediately hamstrung by obstacles and obstructions, which seem to emulate from the very government he works for. To exacerbate his search, his mother and sister also go missing.

Derrick uncovers a "prisoner rehabilitation program", originally located on Mars, but due to a catastrophic failure, the program is being relocated to the Moon. The "rehabilitation" utilizes a breakthrough drug to erase the memories, and also the criminal tendencies, of the individual. Thereby replacing their persona with a new identity, one that can be docile, law-abiding, and could exist in the society as a productive person, who will not question the government or their actions. Such a program could also be used to eliminate opposition, dissent, and political enemies, without actually having to kill them. As Derrick moves closer to the source of the program and those who control it, his life, and the life of his mother and sister, is in jeopardy.

Ahmad Taylor, a first-time author, is a former New York police officer who now lives in Florida and works as a security consultant. His debut novel Dark Side of the Moon, is written from a law enforcement perspective, though there seems to be a human side reflected in the story as well.

This is a sci-fi thriller that does not disappoint. It has all the action, adventure and cool gadgets of the future, though the iPad has been relegated to a "digital writing tablet". What is most chilling, is how Taylor taps into the sinister side of human nature, the desire to control people, whether they be petty thieves or political dissenters. There are underlying themes and subtexts that reach far beyond your standard futuristic tale of laser shaving devices and plasma blade knives.

Dark Side of the Moon is a quick and fast read, that excites your imagination and quickens your pulse. There is also a clever and surprising twist at the end. If you love sci-fi that is relevant to our present society, this is a book you must read."

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